Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for an Automated HR System Not Tedious Paperwork

Employees no doubt are the most vital aspect of any growing business. Now the whole purpose of running a business is to gain profit. And even the best technology requires a talented and dedicated workforce to quantify results. Managing human resources is the biggest challenge facing any industry today. The webby processes of traditional people management are almost like labyrinths which are time taking and grueling. And while you could be focusing on increasing your profit, you end up with piles of paperwork.

Of course you trust your age old paper and files process which somehow was able to give you fair enough idea about your business and helped you run it so far. But you are growing now and so is your workforce. It’s more pertinent today than ever to let an expert HR solution do the job for you.
So why switch over to a robust office automation system? Reasons why you should be more performance-oriented than paper centric.

Efficient vs. Cluttered Processes

Paper-based manual processes are highly incompetent and unproductive. When it comes to managing human resources and huge employee data, the volume of data to be maintained and stored gets too high. Elaborate data needs to be used on a daily basis to manage HR. Right from attendance to payroll, it’s simply too much. While a smart ERP solution is thoroughly performance centric, paperwork actually pulls down your business with its slow moving pace.

Accountability vs. Disorganized threads

Paper work and huge pile of files most of the time lead to no single point of accountability. Doing an RCA is like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you are obviously spending on employees, you expect them to be accountable. But even if your managers file every minute details of employee information, there will be loose ends. With an automated system, and its various smart filters, you can find what you need in minutes.

Saving time vs. Lengthy Filing System

Human resources and the accounting departments in any organization are responsible for a healthier and happier workforce in any firm. And yet they are the more tedious and messier processes that can cripple any organization, be it small or big. Employee details and payroll disbursement are highly complicated and time-consuming process. An integrated centralized solution helps you build a more proficient workforce by allowing you to capture all relevant details of employees and projects like on-boarding, attendance, shifts, leaves. This in turn helps your accounts team to calculate payroll including salary and bonuses to benefit your company and employees both.

Facts vs. Assumptions

Decision making vastly gives direction to any business. You need right reports. This is precisely why you need your facts straight and not trust on assumptions. A smart ERP actually improves your business operations by helping you find the right person for the right job. Manual selection of task vs. talent can lead you to a flight across Bermuda. When you have a system that can centralize talent and requirement, you take decisions faster than ever. Such smart decisions lead to higher productivity and greater profit generation.

Proactive workforce vs. Laid back HR Techniques

From on-boarding to training and deployment, every company invests time and costs without reaping actual benefits immediately. This process is like a double edged sword, the training might not work, the employee may not continue after the training phase. Employee Retention, both short and long term is killing many businesses today. This is when you need a proactive workforce. A good HRMS solution allows you to take a systematic approach to train and maintain talent in a more proficient manner.

These reasons are more than enough to allow you to realize a fraction of what the real problem is. At an age where technology changes with a blink, one needs to stay focused on staying ahead in competition. Chose a smart office solution to solve your issues and breathe in peace.

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