Kwantify Sales

Kwantify Sales does not help you generate leads or convert them to deals. However, it puts numbers at your fingertips. It gives you an impeccable roadmap to your sales’ success.

K-Sales modifies the way you look at CRM. It helps you bring & store prospects from your mind and enables instant access at your fingertips, tracks and follows your targets for you, and provides you with resources to close a deal. Right from a concept note document, to a date alert; from a customer’s details to your revenue details, Sales has everything that gets a Sales Team racing towards success.

Contact Management allows you to remain in constant touch with customers, build a healthy customer relationship and carry out various branding and promotional campaigns.

  • Store all relevant data
  • Quick and intuitive search
  • Mass mailing
  • Multiple stakeholder entry

Opportunity Management provides the key to exploring both explored and unexplored clients from a single tool. Prepare quotes on deal trends and analysis right from anywhere in the world.

  • Opportunity tracking
  • Follow up tracker
  • Check pipeline history
  • Probability and forecasting
  • Performance and goal indicator
  • Activity report generation

Lead Management helps you in managing and tracking the leads for your products/services and track performance of your sales team as well. Manage campaigns, analyze leads, check market trends and take a lead from suspect to a prospect with this handy module.

  • Leads entry and assignment
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Lead qualifying and conversion
  • Import and export leads
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Lead log and driving directions

Sales Collaboration allows you monitor contacts, activities and opportunities with ease from one place. Real-time feeds keep you updated on the status of activities, and alerts notify you of changes to items you are following.

  • Share Documents directly.
  • Collaborate on Closing Deals
  • Update share status
  • Delegate Tasks to Others
  • Schedule Appointments

Bank Guarantee monitoring allows you to keep all your bank guarantee documents and reports handy for all time use with exceptions and conditions clearly noted for future reference.

  • Track Bank guarantee status
  • Check guarantee documents
  • Quick search for opportunities and account holders
  • Business planning and evaluation
  • Cancellations and refunds

Sales Forecasting helps you achieve your sales goals, drive sales revenue, improve efficiency, increase customer retention and reduce costs. It enables you to track actual sales numbers against assigned quotas and manage the flow of activities along the sales pipeline.

  • Insight Feed
  • Tagging & Filtering
  • Activity Ratios
  • Opportunity Dashboard
  • Monitor forecast performance
  • Manage by exception

Sales Performance Management helps you drive focused sales on for optimal performance with next-generation tools, strategy-driven industry best practices.

  • Goal setting and planning
  • Feedback analysis
  • Skill development
  • Performance review
  • Tracks sales quotas
  • Check incentive Compensation
  • Evaluation and forecasting

Other modules that provide Kwantify sales the edge you are looking for

  • Reports and Dashboards that allow you to easily access graphical reporting, use analytics, customizable sales dashboards, and real time indicators for performance and growth.
  • Presales and delivery modules help in strategizing the transition from leads to conversion smooth and easy.
  • Resource planning module helps account managers to assign leads to various sales people to track easy progress of those leads.