Kwantify HR+

Any office ‚Äď big or small, needs to manage its processes in such a way that it takes less effort, meets the exact needs and provides better results.

HR+ ensures less effort by being an INTEGRABLE solution, by adopting your legacy systems. The MODULAR engine is highly configurable to bring all that you need under one umbrella. HR+ throws open a Pandora’s box of reports and ANALYTICS that gives wings to your numbers.

Integrated/Modular Human Resource solutions

By bringing all aspects of human resources management under one umbrella and providing a centralized solution to all HR related challenges, Kwantify offer the following features:



Recruitment module outlines the 6-important processes of recruitment and on-boarding; in 1-sturdy solution

  • Manpower requisition management and prioritizing
  • Resume management and Applicant tracker
  • Question Bank management
  • Shortlisting and selection across various rounds of Interviews

Onboarding Module allows you to view, maintain and track a selected candidate till he/she becomes an employee. It also brings the new recruit onboard with very less ado.

  • Onboarding & Orientation
  • JD and career mapping of New entrants
  • Service Agreement management

Employee Self Service allows an employee the freedom of getting his/her administrative operations sorted out. Its configurable work flow eases up all requisitions of your organization

  • Leave and entitlement management system
  • Travel¬†plan, management¬†and expense claim settlement
  • Tracks all movements within the city
  • Receive and forward grievances
  • Lend and repay financial assistance
  • Apply and track stationary requisitions
  • Meeting organizer and To-Do list

Performance Appraisal system works on various modes of assessment namely KPI based, self-appraisal and 360-degree feedback

  • Dynamic question bank and scheduling
  • Self-appraisals with 2-tier assessment
  • Auto-generated KPI scores
  • 360-degree feedback system
  • Score calculation and Increment link
  • Promotion handling system
  • Employee recognition schemes

Payroll Management being an important part of Employee compensation management, is integrated with various modules for auto detailing of information. This helps in quick dispersal of claims, etc.

  • Creation of heads and sub-heads
  • Salary processing and disbursal
  • Individual salary slip generation

Exit Management ensures that separations are smooth, controlled and managed as per convenience of the employee and your company>

  • Knowledge Transfer planning and monitoring
  • Infrastructure transfer planning and monitoring
  • Responsibility transfer system
  • Document ownership transfer system



Employee Information System inverts the traditional resource management and builds a macro point-of-view for resources planned and recruited.

  • Various integrated attendance systems
  • Macro view of an organization’s¬†resource¬†needs
  • Tags new recruits and facilitates resource pool
  • Maintain demography of an employee
  • Plan and manage work-shifts

Communication module looks into leveraging the configured channels of employees and provide them with more instances for collaboration of views and ideas.

  • Image gallery and library
  • Greetings and Announcements
  • Share information and their management

Skill Development enables you drive effective employee training tracking and completion, enhancing skill levels in the organization

  • Centralize skill-set wealth of the organization
  • Schedule, conduct and monitor training programs
  • Carry out pre and post training assessments
  • Build organic course content database
  • Monitor cost utilization