Kwantify Helpdesk

Manage your customer support, IT helpdesk and IT asset lifecycle at your finger tips.

IT no longer plays a supporting role, it actually powers the business. Kwantify Helpdesk looks at your IT infrastructure through a magnifying glass & assesses controls and monitors it for you.

Irrespective of how large or small, your infrastructure is, K-Helpdesk has the know-how and expertise in handling Vendor relationships, Inventory & Supply management, Service Agreement monitoring, and last but not the least Incident handling. So from everyday troubleshooting to complex infrastructure handling, Kwantify knows it all.

  • Reduces cost of IT service delivery
  • Reduces risks and downtime
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Provides better control over your IT initiatives/operations
  • Helps you deal with IT transitions effortlessly

With hundreds of service requests fulfilled, processes automated, and customer-driven enhancements, you can rely on Kwantify IT Helpdesk to support your business.


Incident Management reduces downtime, outages, improves agent productivity, meets SLAs, and manages the complete IT ticket lifecycle.

  • Incident Identification
  • Proper logging of incidents
  • Categorization of requests and incidents
  • Assignment of issues
  • Diagnosis of incidents
  • Proper escalations process
  • Resolution and Recovery
  • Incident Closure and feedback analysis

Problem Management basically classifies, analyzes, and works towards an incident/request closure. It also analyzes the root cause and impact of an incident in detail to reduce repetitive incidents in your organization.

  • List out problems or issues
  • Analyze and diagnose problems
  • Provide appropriate resolution steps
  • Analyze history of incidents
  • Check asset status
  • Announce repeat incidents
  • Maintain error record

Change Management helps you streamline process, plan out IT initiatives, receive required approvals, and implement new IT assets with automated and easy to follow steps. By reducing unauthorized or botched changes, it minimizes negative impact of changes with standardized methods and procedures.

  • List out change type
  • Create change groups and leads
  • List of Emergency contacts
  • Define roles of change managers
  • Change stages, workflow and status

Configuration Management traces of every aspect of an IT configuration from beginning to end. It helps you manage configuration information assets required to deliver an IT service.

  • Identification
  • Planning
  • Change control
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Maintenance

Asset & SLA Management helps you track, analyze and manage IT software and hardware assets from one centralized location. Ensures license compliance and optimizes asset utilization along with avoiding vulnerabilities.

  • Complete asset listing
  • Asset make and condition in detail
  • List of licenses with end dates
  • Various alert on last dates and data outages
  • Plan asset changes
  • Industrial waste management
  • SLA listing and briefing
  • Plan scheduled scans