Impact on your Business Kwantify relies on its sole utility and capability of reducing your effort and related costs to a great extent. It supports multi-location offices across time zones, currency and culture, improves utilization of corporate resources and assets, and ensures a 24/7 virtual presence through cloud, mobile, and on premise experience.

  • Reduces your OPEX by 39% by automating your redundant processes
  • Employee Self-Service, Time & Attendance, Document Storing
  • Constructs processes, and helps you get-set-go in less than 6 hours
  • Simple do-it-yourself (DIY) ConÔ¨Āguration, Dynamic Work Flows
  • Instantly available query-based Analytics for informed decision making
  • On-the-go Reports, Dynamic Dashboard, Intelligent BI
  • Allows for cross-device communication via more than 15 channels
  • Meeting Managers, Action-NotiÔ¨Ācation, Alerts & more
  • Locates the complete history of an employment life-cycle
  • Online Directory, EIS, Appraisals, Task monitoring & more