Experience the advantage of collaborating multiple systems into one window solution

Welcome to the world of Kwantify, that Empowers, Manages, and Integrates silently and throws just the right result for your benefit.
Operate your organization, in any part of the world in 1/3rd of the cost you are working on now.

Why Kwantify for your

What can Kwantify offer
to my Organization

How can Kwantify impact
my existing processes

When can I start using

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    Why Kwantify for your Organization

    Because it fits better, where other readymade solutions do not come close. Kwantify offers a tailored made solution that is highly configurable, ensuring that you use only what you need. It accommodates your change in Business processes with perfected ease.

    • Supports multi-location offices across time zones, currency and culture.
    • Improve utilization of corporate resources and assets – for ultimate customer satisfaction.
    • Ensure a 24/7 virtual presence through cloud, mobile, and on premise experience.
    • Accelerate competitiveness through innovative and flexible business processes automation.
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    What can Kwantify offer to my Organization

    Apart from seamless integration with all your existing process, systems and data, Kwantify offers you the intelligent and
    navigable BI analytics for informed decision making. Its easily accessible reports and dashboards provide intuitive consoles for guided data exploration.

    • Kwantify HR+ Simplified HR More than 20 HR processes, simplified and configured, for your office anywhere in the world.
    • Kwantify Sales Simplified Numbers Bringing the revenue numbers to your fingertips, empowering the sales and managers alike.
    • Kwantify Get IT right Simplified Help Keeps your infrastructure, your systems and your agreements on their toes and you in control.
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    How can Kwantify impact my existing processes

    Kwantify doesn’t believe in surprises. It offers you a chance to understand what you are opting for and what would be the exact outcome that you can expect. It provides accurate understanding of the implications of a proposed change, which helps the team make informed business decisions.

    • Use only what you need Stuffing too much functionality into a product can reduce its performance to unacceptable levels; so you choose and we recommend what is optimum.
    • RoI Calculator Assume your specifications for using Kwantify and see the RoI, even before you buy it.
    • Descending TCO Reap the cost and time benefits of a descending Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by using Kwantify.
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    When can I start using Kwantify

    Ok, you are fairly impressed by the Kwantify you see, but you are still in a dilemma about the change management. Kwantify’s assurance comes from its deep-rooted highly configurable administration console. It also comes with a state-of-the-art service of Implementation and hand-holding.

    • Rapid Time to Value Impact would be visible as soon as you start using. We reduce that time between ‘bought’ and ‘used’ in an insignificant digit.
    • Minimal Software Customization This crucial decision in taken care at the nip, which helps to save money during implementation and continues to do so over the years.
    • Practice Practice Practice We conduct hand-holdings till you get a total hang of it, and also after that. Our service includes site-visits to ensure smooth operations.