6 Scary Scenarios That’ll Make You Buy An HR Automation Solution Today

HR Automation Solution

Majority of organizations, right from startups to medium level enterprises lack the budget & appetite both for automation of HR processes. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh in all factors involved before you go ahead with the decision to buy an HR automation solution.

Here’s exactly when you know that things are *really not nice* anymore & an automation solution has to be deployed:

Your HR Folks Are Just Not Killing It

No names taken, but is it you or one of your HR colleagues who’s getting the stick slow onboarding, documenting processes late or in fact missing out key events? Some of these are ‘core’ HR responsibilities and if they are not doing it, an HR Automation solution (e.g. Kwantify, WebHR etc.) will.

Your Audits Now Resemble A Nightmare

So, the HR audits for your organization now end in paying in fines, take weeks to pass or are plagued with problems associated with paper records. This is it, LET GO! It’s time to go digital & get hold of an HR automation solution.

Your Workforce Is Getting Squeezed for Time

More you automate HR tasks, better are your chances of utilizing that time to attract & sustain a talented workforce. An overworked HR department can cause a lackluster recruitment performance, high turnover rates and a mighty headache to the management.

Operational Costs Are Shooting Through the Roof

Apparently, operational expenses are eating too much into your HR department’s budget and only look to worsen if you keep doing whatever you had been doing i.e. paperwork. Hopping on to the HR automated bandwagon can help HR departments spend fewer resources on operational processes.

Your HR Staffing Budget Has Been Axed

Suppose you did in fact have a budget crunch and decided to take it out on the HR department by laying off some people. An automated HR system requires less human involvement than a manual one and allows your HR department to work even with reduced staff.

Organization is Expanding Geographically

Here’s hoping that your organization has now decided to go big with setting up international offices and you want your HR troubles to take a side seat. If you are still into a manual form of operations with reams of paper travelling from one desk to another, sorry, your expansion plan is doomed. An automated system now enables your HR Departments to provide business insights your offshore offices & help them settle down with ease in foreign working conditions.

So what do you think – is it time for HR automation at your organization?

How does one go about automating HR anyway? Here is a demo of the ultimate office automation solution Kwantify, now scaled to your organization’s capacity, budget & workforce!

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